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Welcome to BioCompute Objects Wiki,
The MediaWiki for the BioCompute Objects project. This wiki system provides complementary information to the BioCompute portal and is divided into the following main sections: General information for the BioCompute portal, Quick Start and User Guide, FAQ, Curation SOP, and About for the BioCompute portal.
You can also find the BioCompute White paper here.

BioCompute Object (BCO) User Guide

This document specifies the structure of BioCompute Objects. The specification is split into multiple parts linked to this top-level document and is maintained in a GitHub repository where contributions are welcome. This document was created by the BioCompute Object Consortium members (BCOC).

It is offered as support for IEEE-2791-2020: IEEE Standard for Bioinformatics Computations and Analyses Generated by High-Throughput Sequencing (HTS) to Facilitate Communication.

Read more: Introduction to BioCompute Objects

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section contains a list of questions asked by users regarding using the portal, pipeline steps, and extensions as well as questions related to the prerequisite, knowledgebase recommendation, and saving and publishing BCOs.

Read more: Frequently Asked Questions

BCO Curation SOP

Intended audience: authors and developers

This section is intended to provide guidance on BCO™ creation, versioning, certification and authentication.

Read more: BCO Curation SOP


We are hosting an in-person workshop on May 10, 2024. Learn more here. For all previous workshop materials, click here.


A BioCompute Object (BCO) is an instance of the BioCompute standard and is a computational record of a bioinformatics pipeline. A BCO is not an analysis but is a record of which analyses were executed and in exactly which ways. In this way, a BCO acts as an interface for existing standards. A BCO contains all of the necessary information to repeat an entire pipeline from FASTQ to result and includes additional metadata to identify provenance and usage.

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For Citation Purpose: Simonyan, V., Goecks, J., & Mazumder, R. (2017). Biocompute Objects — A Step towards Evaluation and Validation of Biomedical Scientific Computations. PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, 71(2), 136–146. doi: 10.5731/pdajpst.2016.006734

See also full list of publications about BioCompute Object.

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