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RO-Crate refers to Research Object Crate, which aggregates and describes research data with associated metadata, such as files, URI-addressable resources, or use other addressing schemes to locate digital or physical data. Use of metadata aid in the discovery, re-use, and long-term management of data. RO-Crate uses a series of linked JSON-LD objects to express metadata, describing data resources. The RO-Crate Metadata file, JSON-LD file being the core of RO-Crate, provides a simple way to assert the authors, people, organization, or to capture other provenance for files, for example, software or equipment used.


BioCompute Object is packaged with RO-Crate. This implementation provides various contexts, for instance, who created it, where was the data collected, with which equipment and software, and under what licenses. This method is one of the knowledge-based pipeline infrastructures for BioCompute.