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Usability Domain “usability_domain”

This section defines the usability_domain part of the BCO structure.

The Usability Domain of an Object is a plain language description of what was done in the workflow. This should align with the actual steps described elsewhere in the Object. The Usability Domain conveys the purpose of the Object. It is an array of free text values that should be consistent with the terminology used in the name, external references (xref), and keywords sections.

This field is to provide a specific scientific use case and a description of the function of the object. A usability_domain should read like an abstract and conceptually can be broken down into these sections

  1. Need
  2. Method
  3. Results
  4. How the results can be used/interpreted.

The usability domain along with keywords can help determine when and how the BCO can be used. It is recommended that a novel use of a specific BCO would result in the creation of a new entry with a new usability domain.

   "usability_domain": [
       "Identify baseline single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)[SO:0000694], (insertions)[SO:0000667], and (deletions)[SO:0000045] that correlate with reduced (ledipasvir)[pubchem.compound:67505836] antiviral drug efficacy in (Hepatitis C virus subtype 1)[taxonomy:31646]", 
       "Identify treatment-emergent amino acid (substitutions)[SO:1000002] that correlate with antiviral drug treatment failure", 
       "Determine whether the treatment-emergent amino acid (substitutions)[SO:1000002] identified to correlate with treatment failure involving other drugs against the same virus", 
       "GitHub CWL example:"]