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Creating a BCO on Galaxy

Galaxy has an extensive workflow system. They define a workflow as “.. a series of tools and dataset actions that run in sequence as a batch operation”. An instance of a Galaxy workflow is known as an “invocation”. Since a BCO is a record of a specific instance of computation, the Galaxy invocations are used to generate the Galaxy BCOs. The first step in creating a well-documented Galaxy BCO is to follow the Best Practices for Maintaining Galaxy Workflows.

Proper annotation of the workflow is required BEFORE running it.

Notice the following in the example below:

  • The Name of the workflow: Becomes the BCO Name
  • The workflow version: Translated to a sequential digit and included as the BCO version
  • The workflow Annotation block: Becomes the FIRST entry in the BCO Usability Domain
    • The annotation from the history (if included) becomes the second entry in the BCO Usability Domain